729 Suspensions at Northeast High School from 2012–2013

90% or more of the student body comes from low–income families in 22 out of 90 high schools

1 school with 100% graduation rate (Masterman)

50% of Philly public schools had average SAT verbal score below 400

2,312 students enrolled at Central High School (largest enrollment in district)

241 students enrolled at Motivation High School (smallest enrollment in district)

20% college enrollment rate at Edison/Fareira Skills Learning Center (lowest in city)

$50 million allocated by government to Philadelphia school district, simply to open schools as planned in September

$1 billion budget cut to Philadelphia school district in 2011

3,000 school workers fired in 2013

24 schools closed in 2013

$216 million deficit in school district as of 2013

14% of Philadelphia fourth–graders were proficient or better at reading

22nd in college degree attainment of 25 largest U.S. cities

75% of students enrolled in South Philadelphia schools are economically disadvantaged

12% of students in South Philadelphia are proficient in reading according AP/IB exams

8.3% of South Philadelphia students are ready for college according to the College Readiness Index