A team has seven players, each with a broom held tightly between their legs:

3 x Chaser : Plays offensive and defensive; passes the quaffle amongst teammates and scores points by shooting it through the opposing teams hoops

1 x Keeper: Defends goal hoops, but may also enter gameplay to pass, defend and score

2 x Beater: Attempts to knock out other players and interrupt game play by chucking bludgers

1 x Seeker: Chases snitch and aims to catch the tennis ball in order to end the game

They play with:

6 x Goalposts

Muggle translation: hula hoops on sticks

3 per team

14 x 


Muggle translation: brooms

7 per team

1 x 


Muggle translation: a volleyball

3 x 


Muggle translation: dodgeballs

1 x 


Muggle translation: a dedicated player who...

Has a tennis ball, enclosed in a sock, attached to his/her waist

Runs around the field dressed in yellow, skillfully eluding broom-wielding players

Game Play

Players line up in front their team’s hoops with eyes closed

Snitch is released (aka runs far, far, away)

Referee yells “Brooms up!” and gameplay begins:

Chasers disperse, fighting for the quaffle while dodging bludgers

Beaters begin their attack, launching bludgers menacingly through the air

Seekers chase after the snitch

Bulk of the game involves players running around holding brooms while trying to score points and hit each other

When a seeker from either team catches the snitch, the game ends and points are tallied

If it’s a tie game, there are 5 more minutes of overtime play

Still no winner? Cue sudden death

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