Episode 142: 

Raven and Corey have a  fight and Raven tells Corey to stay our of her room; Corey sneaks in anyways only to find the body of Raven's former lover positioned in her favorite rocking chair. 

Episode 234:

Raven is asked to a school function by two different guys. But she sees herself on her death bed and realizes that she will indeed die alone, emotionless, and spent. 

Episode 302: 

Raven sees a brutal murder of a loved one in her vision and while she is powerless to stop it, she dresses up as a sassy highway patrol man complete with fat suit and fake mustache. Fun for the whole family. 

Episode 334:

Raven, Eddie, and Chelsea must dress up in costumes to con their way into the senior prom, but what they did not realize was the mask was more than a mask. They had already been concealing their true natures to the world as they hid their lust for the sins of the flesh. 

Episode 456:

Haunted by visions, Raven realizes that there is no after life. That the mortal world is the end. As she slowly goes insane, she hears the squeaking of a bird, "nevermore, nevermore." And with her last breath replies, "That's me."