It’s Hallo-coming at Penn this weekend, so in the spirit of the holiday, remember: a haunted house may scare you, but being in the Round Up will haunt you forever.

Last Friday, Jeremih told us, “don’t tell ‘em,” but he should know that Highbrow can’t keep a secret. When performing on–campus last Friday, he grinded with a lucky freshman while serenading her. Things got h–o–t when Jeremih picked her up, and she wrapped her legs around his torso. When the show ended, Jeremih followed the yellow brick road to an Oz party. Sources tell us that R&B singer paired off with another Penn student at the end of the night. It might not have been her birthday, but you know he wanted to ri–i–ide out. 

At a Castle BYO, someone was thirsty for something other than Franzia. One freshman girl apparently got a little bored of her junior date. Realizing she had other priorities, this little lady slipped out of dinner without saying she could go hook up with a different boy. Highbrow hears her date was left alone, dazed and confused. We applaud the future scenester for acting like a queen, even when she wasn’t part of the Castle. Long may she reign. 

Sometimes it’s better to leave your past behind. During Family Weekend, one Penn parent got a little too enthusiastic when attending a frat party. The drunk dad shotgunned four beers—with his freshman son by his side. We’re sure he’s a cool dad, but maybe leave him at home next time you’re headed to a rush event. It’s embarrassing when your pops outdrinks you.

A different kind of action went down this past weekend. At a Beige Block party, two bros interrupted some good ol’ alcohol–fueled fun. One A’s brother claimed to receive “a bad look” from a Phi Delt party–goer. He subsequently pounced on our Phi Delt friend, tackling him to the ground. Punches were thrown; blood was shed. Highbrow wonders, was this “look” of lust? Or simply a resting bitch face? We have the same issue…