1. Penn yarmulke: This way you won’t have to wait till your Birthright trip to buy one.

2. Dorm–friendly pets: Your roommate just doesn’t love you unconditionally like your dog. Try and fill the void with a beta fish, a baby Marshall Ferret or to be on the safe side, a cactus.

3. Shake Shack: We know they opened one on Drexel campus, but wouldn’t it be nice to have our own? Added bonus if they accept dining dollars/bursar.

4. Alcohol: Speaks for itself.

5. Bean bag chairs: They're perfect for studying, napping and relaxing in, plus they are far cheaper than a couch. For even more of a throwback, they should stock inflatable chairs.

6. Study guides: "I wish I could know what the professor's test–style is"—no longer an issue.

7. Weed paraphernalia: Is this acceptable now that it's decriminalized?

8. Air mattresses: Sharing a bed with visiting pre–frosh, sexiled friends or distant cousins is never comfortable. Think of all the tossing and turning this purchase could save you.

9. Michigan tailgating apparel: If you go to a football game, you could pretend you’re getting the real Big Ten experience.

10. Extra hours in the day: Pipe dream, maybe, but you'd buy it. (We'd bursar that shit.)