Hate to see you go...

“Boardwalk Empire” (HBO) makes us feel like we totally get 1920s and ‘30s Jersey history. This series aired its finale on October 26th. Atlantic City, anyone?

“Parenthood” (NBC) made us miss our parents, even though we hate to admit it. This show will be ending after its sixth season, airing now on Thursday nights at 10 p.m.

“The Colbert Report” (Comedy Central) kept us more informed on current events than our Twitter feeds. We’ll miss the Report but we won’t miss Colbert—he’ll be on “The Late Show” in David Letterman’s place starting in 2015.

“Mad Men” (AMC) made us happy to live in 2014 but informed enough to contribute to discussions of postwar gender dynamics! We’ve got another semester to savour the last episodes.

“Parks and Recreations” (NBC) validated all our political dreams and reminded us why the best and the brightest run for random city offices. The thirteen episodes in season seven will be the last, but the dates have yet to be announced.

Love to watch you leave...

“A to Z” (NBC) reminded us how to spell during late nights in VP (or did it? Maybe that’s why it was canceled). It also infuriated us with the constant reminder of HIMYM’s titular mother, who never got her day in the sun. We’re still bitter. Last Friday, NBC announced it would not be ordering any more episodes.

“Bad Judge” (NBC)...Turns out NBC is a good judge of when it’s time to say goodbye. This show died on Halloween.

“Utopia” (Fox) presented us with a social experiment that made us thankful for all our research methods classes. Talk about not controlling external variables. Fox gave this show the ax Sunday night, when it blacked out its live feed.

“The Bridge” (FX) won’t make it across the border to season three. Good thing Penn alum and executive producer Meredith Stiehm (C ‘90) got out after season one.

“Glee” (Fox) reminded us why high school sucked and made us wish we could sing. Lea Michele, you have two first names. This show got the slushie in August and is due to end after season six.