Last episode, Joel finally got himself together and showed up at Julia’s door to get her back. But the “Parenthood” writers left us hanging this week, and Joel and Julia never appeared. Instead, we got teen drama and a hefty dose of Crosby.

At Chambers Academy, Adam is MIA, and Kristina is the only adult around (seriously—there are no teachers and the kids are never in class.) During his ample free time, Max sees Dylan kissing another boy in the kitchen and launches a campaign to get said boy expelled. Hence, “Aaron Brownstein Must be Stopped”—Max distributes flyers around school until Aaron sees him and the two get in a fight, which ends in Kristina’s office.

Later, he professes his love to Dylan with a poster while all of her friends watch on. She breaks it to him that she’ll never love him, and he’s devastated. Of course, Kristina’s watching on, and follows him as he beelines across the street though heavy traffic. She tells him that he did the most courageous thing he could have done, but that does nothing to dull Max’s pain.

In our weekly dose of Ruby drama, she hopes to convince Hank to let her stay home alone while Sandy goes on a trip for work over the weekend. Sandy won’t have it, but Hank says that he trusts Ruby, and lets her do it. Once again, the predictable happens: Ruby throws a huge party at Sandy’s house, which Hank discovers when he drives by to check on her. He calls Sandy, who comes home just after he breaks up the party and cleans it all up. (Ruby ends her night by telling Hank that she hates him and heading to bed, of course.) The former couple sit on Sandy’s front porch drinking blackberry vodka and acting just a little too friendly. Where’s Sarah, Hank?

The problems at the Luncheonette haven’t gone away, and Jasmine decides to take a filing job at her mom’s office to make some extra cash. But Crosby isn’t happy about this, especially when Jasmine’s mother hears about their financial problems—he feels like he’s being “emasculated.” Meanwhile, he’s in the studio recording toothpaste commercials for a reduced price. He and Amber decide to go hear an up–and–coming band called Cornfed (they agree that it’s a horrible name) and he brings along a bag of weed. Of course, the bouncer at the club finds it before the two go in to hear Cornfed, but that doesn’t end their night. Amber’s doubled over in pain—she thinks she’s going into labor—but when they go to the hospital, they realize it was only Braxton Hicks contractions, and she’s fine.

Next week is the fall finale before “Parenthood” goes on a hiatus for the holidays. We hope that one won’t leave us hanging.

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