The saga of Joel and Julia continued this week, but Julia’s thoughts were somewhere else (or should I say, with someone else?) She and her workplace beau Chris seem to be going strong, though she’s still not willing to out their relationship to the other moms from school. At a Braverman barbeque, Chris comes to drop some papers off for Julia, but Adam spots him and ropes him inside, tossing him a basketball to start a game with the kids. Victor and Syd take to him a little too easily, and report their affection for the new man in their lives to Joel over pizza the next day—but not before Joel walks up to the barbeque to see Chris himself. The camera zooms all the way into Joel’s five o’clock shadow, and he isn’t too happy about the situation, which he tells Julia the next day.

Over at Chambers Academy, Max is studying Dylan, because Adam told him that relationships are founded upon shared interests, and he needs to find something to share with her. (She still doesn’t quite fit into the “Parenthood” mix—her lines seem unnatural and her perfect makeup and trendy tween clothes are a little too much.) Kristina isn’t so quick to encourage Max’s pursuit of a girl and discourages Adam from doing so, but she can’t help but smile when Max announces to the Braverman boys at the barbeque that he likes a girl. Zeek and Crosby proceed to give him a rundown of the bases, which, of course, he’ll need to know.

Meanwhile, Amber can’t stop thinking about the guy named Griffin she ran into coming out of a coffee shop. He’s techy and looks like he belongs in a cell phone commercial, but apparently she likes him anyway (seriously, what commercial was he in? And why does Amber like him? He works at a start up!). The pair go on two dates—the first to a dog park—but when Amber breaks  the news that she’s pregnant to him, he bolts at her door. She returns to Drew’s dorm dejected, sure that no one will ever like her again. And, in typical Drew fashion, he reassures her that although having a baby changes your life, it doesn’t mean that you’re unlikable for life.

After breaking two ribs in his motorcycle fall, Jasmine put a boot on Crosby’s motorcycle, which he can’t stand. He dishes about it to Zeek on their way to Zeek’s physical therapy appointment, where Crosby sees him fall on the treadmill and can’t keep watching. (It’s clear that Zeek’s frail state is something Crosby doesn’t want to face.) After the appointment, the two head to a bar, where Crosby has more than a few too many drinks. Zeek has to call Jasmine to come pick them up, and Crosby falls into her back seat. It seems like Crosby’s story is heading to a dramatic climax—but, for his sake, we hope it’s not too dramatic.

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