We can all hold our breath until next week, while we wait to (finally) hear the fate of Joel and Julia’s marriage. Episode seven begins in mediation (he gives her the house, where their kids grew up) and they receive the divorce papers soon after. Julia’s hesitant to sign them, and Joel isn’t ready to say goodbye either. When he goes over the Zeek and Camille’s to do just that, Zeek tells him not to: he needs to fight for Julia. He can’t give her up now. Does this mean there’s hope? (WE hope so. Joel and Julia forever.)

In other relationship news, Hank couldn’t catch a break this week. Just when Sarah decides 15–year–old Ruby can watch “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” Hank’s ex–wife Sandy walks in, and she isn’t okay with it. The two women face off, and Hank bolts straight to Max’s house to pick up a camera.

He walks in to find Amber in tears. Apparently, Adam and Kristina decided it was okay to leave Amber with Max and Nora while they went to Sacramento to fundraise for Chambers Academy (that doesn’t seem like the Adam and Kristina we know, but okay).  Nothing goes according to plan, of course, and their day ends up in chaos, with Amber believing Max when he tells her she’s going to be a horrible mother.

When he returns home, Hank apologizes to Sarah, and reports that her daughter was in tears—though he didn’t bother to ask why. She heads over to remedy the situation, and ensures Amber that she’ll be okay—raising kids doesn’t begin like a day with Max does.

Meanwhile, Drew can’t seem to escape from his family no matter how long he spends at Berkeley. Zeek calls him spend some quality time together, and the two end up driving out to an old parking lot, where Zeek wants to test out his shooting skills on cans of creamed corn. (Some writer must’ve done this as a kid, or they’re just really creative.) Drew’s adamantly against it, and he has work to do—he is in college, after all—so they head home.

But Drew’s girlfriend, Natalie, talks some sense into him. Maybe he shouldn’t think about the guns, but about the fact that his grandpa just had open heart surgery and wants to make some memories with him. Drew calls his grandfather and takes him to a shooting range this time to shoot come creamed corn.

The men of “Parenthood” have a thing about showing up on doorsteps: Hank ends up on Sandy’s, confiding in his ex–wife that he’s been seeing a therapist and that he has Aspergers. To end the episode, Joel ends up on Julia’s and finally says what we’ve all been waiting for: he wants her back. Thank you Joel. Thank you.

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