We’ve been cheated! Episode six began with a surprise: three months have gone by. Amber is six months pregnant and out shopping for her bun in the oven, but everyone else seems pretty much the same—everyone we see, that is, because Zeek, Camille, Joel and Julia never even appear.

Amber can’t believe how expensive baby supplies are, and she goes to ask from a raise from Adam and Crosby (lean in, Amber!) but they look distressed—the Luncheonette isn’t doing so well, and they might not even have the money to help.

We don’t realize the extent of the Luncheonette’s problems until later, when Jabbar comes to ask his parents if he can go to Harry Potter World for his birthday. Later, Crosby breaks it to Jasmine that the Luncheonette is going under, and there’s no way he can pay for Jabbar’s birthday trip. Jasmine’s frustrated, but not because of their money problems. She’s sad that Crosby hid them from her for so long, and tells him that, “He’ll always be her man.” It was a moment on the back porch that tried to be teary, but was really just cheesy. Sorry Jasmine. We still love you.

Since the rest of his family is stressed about money, Drew decides to join them, freaking about about declaring a major that will insure his financial future. Even though he hated his Econ class, he declares an Econ major, because one day he’ll need financial stability. He thinks that will guarantee it. (We know Drew goes to Berkeley, but his story seems a little too familiar. We were hoping he would declare a major like, I don’t know, English?)

Even though it’s been three months, Dylan’s still around and still likes Max at a level of “2.5” out of 5. Max thinks they’re making headway in their relationship, though, because she comes over to the Bravermans (and hangs out with Nora and Kristina). She’s even been sleeping over and watching To Kill a Mockingbird with Kristina while Max cleans his binocular lenses. Adam is pleased about much Dylan has been over, but Kristina thinks it may be because she likes their family, but not necessarily Max. (The rest of us are starting to think that Dylan doesn’t have a family at all—all her answers about her parents are cryptic and weird. What’s the deal with this girl?)

Back in the photography studio, Ruby bursts in, telling Hank that she’d rather stay with him than her mother. Apparently, she’s okay with this (though she doesn’t appear all episode) but the first place Ruby wants to go is a “casual get–together” with some friends the following night. Sarah knows not to fall for this, so she plans a game night and invites Amber. The night doesn’t go down so well when it becomes blatantly obvious how much Hank doesn’t know about his own daughter.

Later that night, Ruby sneaks out, gets hammered, and comes back only to get sick while Amber holds her hair. The next morning, she talks to Amber and sees the light—heading to apologize to Hank and Sarah about how rude she’s been and tell Hank how much she loves him.

Apparently, everyone loves each other, if only for the time being. But what about Joel and Julia?

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