A ukulele–playing Nigerian Jesus–enthusiast from Oklahoma. Lol, what? If you find another person on campus who fits this description, please alert me.

Writing about identity is terrifying. How to even begin? In my years at Penn, I have determined that I am the kind of person who likes house parties over clubs; primetime dramas over comedies; and aimlessly meandering over planning and premeditating. That last item may prove problematic in the job search, but that’s a different conversation. Apart from shallow preferences, who am I? I mean, who am I really? You would think I would have a better answer after several (debatably unsuccessful) OCR interviews. The consequential introspection following 6.5 semesters on this campus hasn’t helped either.

I am uncertain about a number of things, but here are a handful of aspects concerning my identity of which I am certain. I am low–key obsessed with history. I have been told my texts are emotionless—sorry friends. I simultaneously adore and abhor the pageantry that is politics. I realize the lack of journalistic excellence in Buzzfeed “articles,” yet appreciate them anyway. If I could craft my ideal career, it would be involve using technology and data analysis to remedy the awful public school system and reduce the disparate income inequality in this country. Finally, I am certain that Kevin Durant is the realest MVP in the NBA.

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