The highly anticipated “Breaking Bad” spinoff “Better Call Saul" is set to return February 8th and 9th with episodes premiering on both nights.  The show will take us back six years prior to when Walter White “broke bad” and Saul was just a conniving no–name lawyer—and we can’t wait!

What we love: HE. IS. BACK. Albuquerque’s go–to criminal lawyer is back in action in the latest teaser for “Better Call Saul.” Not only do we get a taste of the man himself in this teaser, but we also get to see Mike, the mastermind investigator and professional badass.

What we don’t: Are we excited? Of course. One of TV's most “infamous” (and shall we even dare say loved?) is returning to TV. At the same time, we are slightly worried. Will this reach the status of the best show on American television? Probably not. This trailer shows potential, and yet, we watch it with a certain reserve. Plus: the ending, I mean…A little excessive, no?