This article was originally published as part of the joke issue on 12.4.2014


Shoes:   Definitely something with a heel. This is the night to take out your nicest pair of shoes. Maybe even ask your mom to borrow a pair of hers, as well. Like, if you’re into vintage and they aren’t fug.

Apparel:   Denim. True Religion and Seven for all Mankind--always safe options. Keep your Abercrombie in the closet for this event. Also, make sure your denim is bedazzled and has strategic rips, because that looks espensive. BBM me if you get confused!

Accessories:   Accessorize, ladies. The theme says it all: diamonds. Real diamonds are preferred, but Swarovski crystals will definitely pass. Preferably on your hoop earrings.


Shoes:   A classic dress shoe is appropriate, but sort of boring. I'm personally a big fan of the trendy Nike sneakers—everyone is wearing them right now. Chris Brown has an amaze collection if you need to look at someone for inspiration.

Apparel:   Think Justin Timberlake circa VMAs 2001. Make sure your shades of denim don’t clash. Nothing is worse than a guy in light blue pants and a dark navy jacket. Vom.

Accessories:   Please don’t wear any hats inside of the venue. Be respectful. I understand that it’s harder for guys to wear diamonds, but if you can find some classy "bling" that would honestly be so appreciated.