This article was originally published as part of the joke issue on 12.4.2014

Disclaimer: Savannah's sentiments framed in categories Street thinks she reigns "Jungle Queen"

On being a California girl:

“To be a California girl it takes blonde hair, blue eyes, and a great tan—ooh, I have it all!”

On her friends:

“A lot of girls are jealous of me because of my looks”

On her party theme:

“My dad is a game hunter and I love exotic animals, so my party is going to be jungle-themed—complete with live animals.”

On her favorite taxidermic accessory:

“This is Fluffy, my dad shot him a couple years ago in Russia. He’s a 10-foot tall Kodiak bear.”

On her goals:

“I need to be the hottest and best looking at my party”

On mommy dearest:

“My mom really likes to be the center of attention… I just hope she realizes the party is about me, it’s my time to shine.”

On her party rules:

“Everyone has to wear at least one thing jungle and no loincloths.”

On why she needs decorative live jungle animals:

“They’re perfect and they’ll make my party absolutely amazing.”

On making tough choices:

“I really want a mustang for my birthday, but my mom is obsessed with me getting a BMW...My mom always gets her way, but this time I’m sticking to what I want.”

On compromise:

“I hate to admit it but my mom was right, the BMW is definitely the car for me—it would be tragic if I didn’t get it… I’m a BMW girl now!”

On sneaking into the party before her grand entrance:

“I totally feel like a celebrity with my entourage keeping me from the public.”

On her grand entrance:

“I feel so hot and I know I look hot so I feel ecstatic.”

On her party crashers:

“I can’t blame everyone for wanting to get into the hottest party in Orange County, but if you’re not on the list, you’re not going to stay.”

On her boyfriend teasing her that she was going to get a Honda Civic:

“Baby! That’s mean!”

On her new ride:

“I finally got my BMW convertible. It’s the absolute perfect car for me.”

On everything working out:

“My mom let me have all the attention and the spotlight because she knew it was my party and my night to shine.”

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