1. "Forget what you think you know, I promise that the Penn Panhellenic experience will be better than you even imagine."

2. "Why join? Sisterhood is for life. So I know you may be thinking, like 'Meghan, I'm 18 years old, why are you telling me to make a lifetime commitment right now?' But the cool thing is that it really is for life. The friendships that you'll make in the organization and the bonds that you'll form will last forever."

3. "If you think being in a sorority means going out every weekend, please leave."

4. "Some of the chapters will say to you during this process, 'all we need is an hour of your time. One hour a week for a chapter meeting.' What kind of sister would you be if that's all you ever committed? What kind of family member would you be if you just called your mom like once a week, and never talked to them any other time, never even thought about them?"

5. "How do you get a bid? You spend as much time being as authentically yourself and making a great impression as possible."

6. "We're going to do a countdown, you'll open your bids, you'll see where you're going home to, and then you'll go out and meet all of your chapter sisters."

7. "Does everyone get a bid? Sorry to go from Bid Day to this, but I just want to be as transparent as possible in this process: the answer is no. Not everyone receives a bid. So some of you will choose, based on your own personal decisions to withdraw from the process in the midst. Some of you will be released from the process. But, if you maximize your options, you are 98% likely to receive a bid. What does that mean? It means that if you are really thinking critically about the groups that felt good and putting aside all the voices in your head of your mom who's a legacy or your friend who's in a chapter, if you're really engaging for yourself and you're really going to the priority preference at the end of the night and listing the groups that feel good, you will get a bid."

8. "I have a Release Figure Method Specialist on the phone from California, who will be coaching us through this process."

9. "T the P. Trust the process. Please, trust the process."

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