Jameel Mohammed (‘17)

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Go–to item: "This bracelet I made this past summer."

Style bio: "I’m really into Oxford shirts and American classics, polos and then I wear these combat boots almost every day. Because the whole idea behind my personal style and my design is to take classic styles and add an edge."Favorite shops: "Mostly thrift stores, to be honest. There’s this one shop in my home town, The Economy Shop, that does these sales and that’s a really, really good discount."

Fashion Connection: "I’m an aspiring womenswear designer." (Ed. note: Read more about Jameel and his company, Khiry, on page 14.)

Inspiration: Céline, Akris, Max Mara, Stella Jean, Dries van Noten, Haider Akerman, for menswear, I really like Ami.

Taylor Brown (‘17)

Hometown: McLean, Virginia

Go–to item: "Can I do a crazy piece? It’s not my favorite piece, but it’s crazy. I literally don’t know where I’m going to wear it." (See sequin jersey in the photo.)

Describe your style: "It’s always changing, honestly. I came to school being very girly. I used to wear bows in my hair, skirts [and] button downs. Definitely from the influence of [Penn], it’s become more black–on–black—a little more minimalistic."

Favorite shops: "I online shop like crazy, so ASOS, Forever 21 for cheap stuff that I don’t really want to spend a lot of money on. I like Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Zara—the classic in–between stores."

How are you connected to fashion: "So, I work a little bit for the Walk. I do Seen on the Walk because I like photography. Mostly, I just focus on my blog (Immaturely Fashionable), so most of the time I just post things about my outfit. And then the way it gets on Teen Vogue is I submit to them and then they decide whether or not they like the photos enough to put it on their website."

Inspiration: "Back when I first started the blog, I wanted to be a fashion journalist. I really liked Marc Jacobs, Chanel, obviously, Alexander Wang. But now, I don’t really follow that many people outside of Alexander Wang. I mostly like fashion blogs. This one called We Wore What. This girl named Danielle Bernstein—she’s my idol. I want her life."

Ali Miller (‘16)

Hometown: Boca Raton, Florida

Go-–to item: "I have to pick one? I have one favorite sweatshirt (Ed. note: It's a Notorious B.I.G sweatshirt). I wear this sweatshirt all the time. This is from the men’s section of Urban."

Style bio: "I would say more simple, mixed with standout pieces. Like basic colors, and then one standout piece, or random things."

Favorite shops: "Zara. Literally everything I have is Zara, or [from] little boutiques. Some thrift stores or vintage stores. I’m a big sales shopper. I’m not a cyber shopper, I’ve never cyber–shopped in my life. And I like getting stuff from my travels."

Fashion connection: "I work for the Walk magazine so I do the female styling for photo shoots. I did the blog photography—so street style. And I worked for a fashion PR firm in London. I’m interested in it, but I don’t have a career goal."

Inspiration: "I would say Alexander McQueen because he’s edgy and rockstar–y.

Kiara Honma (‘18)

Hometown: Sao Paolo, Brazil

Go–to item: "For accessories, right now, definitely chokers, and actually, disco pants. I have like three pairs."

Style bio: "Sometimes kind of weird, but not in a bad way. It’s very street style."

Favorite stores: "Online, I like NastyGal and then like Urban, American Apparel, and then I really like thrift shopping. I lived in Tokyo for high school, and there’s really cool thrift shops there."

Fashion Connection: "It’s just something that I’m interested in. I want to look into Penn Fashion Collective. I like flipping through magazines."

Inspiration: "I like anything Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, but that’s just to observe. And just looking through my Tumblr."

Elvire Audi (‘17)

Hometown: Paris, France

Go–to item: "My leather jacket."

Style bio: "I have a rather basic style in the sense that I’m going to always wear jeans and either black boots or sneakers. And then I love wearing really large shirts over crop tops. I don’t I have one particular style. I also dress differently if I am here from if I am at home. If I’m with my parents, I’m not going to be as edgy as I am here­—a lot of black, maybe too much black—Like an eased–out version of punk rock."

Favorite shops: "Zara, I love. For pieces that are a little more extravagant, I love going to NastyGal. I also try to buy everything on sale. I don’t like paying full price for t–shirts."

Fashion connection: "For years I’ve wanted to work in that industry, but I don’t know if its right for me. I don’t know if I’m creative enough for it. I don’t think I have a particularly great style, but I dress for myself and I love doing that. I want to get involved in the Walk next semester."

Inspiration: "I love everything that Yves Saint Laurent does. I think it's the best high–end fashion brand in the world. It’s a lot of boyish, classic and gorgeous elegant style—very structured, very easy to wear, but it’s completely out of this world in price. I also like Kenzo. They have a little eclectic, kind of crazy articles of clothing. Fashion icons, I don’t have those. I don’t follow anyone on Instagram. I don’t like getting inspired by people. I like doing that on my own. I will never copy a look. I think that’s impersonal."

Laura Petro (‘16)

Hometown: Galloway, New Jersey

Go–to item: "Right now, turtlenecks. It’s like a shirt and a scarf. I’m growing a turtleneck collection. I have like, five."

 Style bio: "Quirky. It’s important not to take yourself too seriously in style. I’ll wear skirts one day and boyfriend jeans another day. One thing I like is color. I like pairing polished things with unpolished things, like loafers with boyfriend jeans. And also things that are a little shameless. I’ll let my socks stick out of my shoes. I like to have a little fun."

Favorite shops: "I don’t really like to go shopping. I more just acquire things, because once you get older, you’re not really growing; you don’t really need clothes. I always say this when people ask me my favorite store and it sounds dumb, but I’m a huge TJ Maxx fan. If you’re willing to sift through the shit, you can honestly find such good stuff. I really like Club Monaco for just staple pieces. I like getting clothes when I travel too, because then you have something unique."

Fashion connection: "I’m the Editor–in–Chief of the Walk. My freshman year I started writing for the online edition and worked my way up. My background is more in fashion writing, but obviously now, I’m overseeing everything. And other than that I just follow different blogs and Instagram and stuff."

Inspiration: "Reed Krakoff. Stella McCartney has really cool stuff that I admire...This one blog I really love is Man Repeller. Leandra Medine, I really admire her style. It goes with the whole not–taking–yourself–too–seriously thing. Her style is really crazy, so I don't think it’s for the everyday person. My mom is really stylish. I know that’s super dorky, but I feel like she’s had a lot of influence on my style. I also get inspired by the way people around me dress. The other day I saw this girl wearing trousers with Nikes and it was really cute and unexpected. There’s a lot of really cool, stylish people here and in the city so sometimes you can just walk by something and like it."