IN: Better Call Saul. There’s a new lovable, morally corrupt man in town, and he comes in the form of Walter White’s shady lawyer Saul Goodman. Episodes are updated every Tuesday on Netflix.

OUT: Re–watching old Breaking Bad episodes to relive the glory days. It’s okay to let go.

IN: History pieces. From The Imitation Game to Selma, movies centered around historical events owned this year’s awards season.

OUT: War movies. Sorry, Bradley Cooper. You and your enormous facial hair were fantastic in American Sniper. But we’d take watching Benedict Cumberbatch doing math over your moral and emotional decline any day. No offense.

IN: Getting excited for Mad Men’s final season. Yes, it’s currently February. Yes, it premieres in April. No, it’s not too early. It’s never too early for Jon Hamm.

OUT: Still not watching Mad Men. The show that made AMC relevant again boasts six seasons on Netflix. It’s time to finally hop on board and get caught up before the new season premieres. (Ed. note: What are midterms?)

Image Credit: AMC Network


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