Last Saturday, I headed off campus to catch the Mask and Wig Show, A Comedy of Terrors. Looking to switch up my weekend routine, I was keen to replace the drama of Greek life with, you know, actual drama.

I wasn’t disappointed-- Mask and Wig’s latest spectacle is one hell of a (ghost) ride. There were spectacular tap dancing numbers, romantic ballads, violent fights and cringe-worthy misunderstandings. The amalgamation was woven together with a funny script, amplified by a dynamic score. The evil villain was more Scooby Doo than Saw--his weapon of choice was a ludicrous device called a 'Spectothingamabobulator.' The campy Georgian costumes included dresses with corsets and billowing skirts.True to form, Mask and Wig shows milk their all-male cast drag that’d make RuPaul proud. 

And of course, there was an entire album’s worth of catchy tunes, like “Dying to Meet You” and “Paranormal Guys”-- the kind of songs you’ll be humming to yourself at 2am.

Perhaps the most powerful part of the show was the main duo, Vince and Charlie, played by Danny Rodriguez and Joe Miciak respectively. The pair bounced from emotion to emotion, at times courageous, depressed, fearful, flirty and consumed by greed. Another personal favorite was the gas station attendant, played by Nate McLeod. I almost died laughing during the two minutes he stole the stage.

In creating " A Comedy of Terrors," the crew and designers were clearly set on wowing the audience. They hit you with all the tricks they’ve got, and the actors show off every mood and emotion in their repertoire. Every M&W club member put love into their show and that hard work shows: the triple-threat taking center stage, the talented musicians, the technicians, stage managers and writers. Mask and Wig does more than make you laugh: they give you a play, a musical, a drama, and a comedy show all in one.

With such an enthralling plot, glorious costumes, extravagant makeup, wacky dancing, sensitive moments and and expected dose of hilarity, M&W really kills it with “A Comedy of Terrors.”


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