Illustration by Amy Chen

“Unfortunately, I think privilege defines your experience at Penn. As a member of the Greek community, I am grateful for the friendships it has given me. However, when I look at my lifestyle at Penn, I can’t imagine living it without the level of privilege that I currently enjoy because of my parents.” —Female, College, 2017

“I think that there’s definitely discrepancies in the wealth that different students have, although the University has made improvements over the past couple of years, there’s still a lot to be done.”—Male, College, 2017

Too many children have too much money that they don’t understand isn’t particularly theirs, which they feel like they have to spend endlessly, but they don’t have any idea what it’s like to work.”—Female, Engineering, 2018

“What am I supposed to say? I feel that everyone that I’m friends with feels very entitled, but they shouldn’t. And I’m gonna go volunteer now. See you later.”—Female, College, 2018

“I think a lot of people come from very privileged backgrounds, which makes a lot of people on a different playing field right from the start, which makes it hard for those with maybe not as much money to keep up with the others.”—Male, College, 2018

“Way too many Canada Gooses”

—Female, College, 2018

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