Illustration by Amy Chen

I’d feel like a caveman. Feel disconnected. It might be actually pretty cool because it would just be you and whoever’s around you, so you’re not distracted like you usually would be.”—Male, Wharton ’16

“Refreshed.”—Bari Gordon, Engineering ’18

“I guess I would feel very isolated and very sad.”—Dilina Abudurexiti, College '18

“It wouldn’t be that bad, actually. All I do is study anyway!”—Victor Adeleke, Wharton ’17

“I would feel better because we need to start taking time away from technology and learn what life is like without it.”—David, Wharton ’17

“I feel like without technology, I would feel kind of alone because you’re not surrounded by this constant presence.”—Cynthia Wang, College ’18

“I would actually love living without technology for a week.”—Ali Richmond, College ’18

“Relieved so long as I know other people are managing my communications.”—Anonymous, Wharton ’15

“Well if you go back far enough in time penicillin was considered, you know, advanced tech, so without that I would feel quite dead. But also fuck technology ’cuz all those people who post pictures on Instagram are wasting their penicillin like we’re just gonna get a superbug and everyone’s just gonna die with lots of banana splits on the internet. What a waste of time.”—Aaron Dardik, College ’17

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