Girard is the funky new luncheon place in Fishtown.The espresso with milk ($4)—their unique blend designed especially for caffeine addicts—was quickly fetched for me upon my arrival. They also brought me a cup of the peach tea ($3), which had a daintily bitter bite.

For foodies, they offer a menu to die for: there’s a hearty brasserie burger (with bacon!) ($17), the classic eggs benedict ($14), French toast gateau ($14), vegetable tagine ($16) and quinoa breakfast owl ($10) . They also give meat–lovers a run for their money with the “Roast of the Day” (prices vary), like the saucy ribeye au jus served on Saturdays, and venison osso bucco on Sundays.

I first tried the pistachio–butter and banana sandwich ($8). The bread was crisp on the outside, and yet the inside brought me back to my childhood: warm, gooey banana mellowed by tones of pistachio reminded me of when my dad made banana porridge on Saturday. But on the basic level, this dish is perfect for mornings when you have five minutes before your 10am class: banana + toast = meal. (Of course, you won't have time to come here for that.)

My second dish was the crispy Lyonnaise potato ($6)— rich and creamy cheese in a bowl of potato goodness. Next came the avocado toast ($8), a hearty mash of avocado over warm toast, accompanied by delightful trimmings of mashed peas and goat cheese.

Though the food and service is great, you have to be pretty adventurous to go to Girard. With the 25 minute SEPTA ride (aka $20 Uber for Saturday brunch), Girard might as well be in another galaxy. But you can come here and be 1000% sure you won’t see anyone from Penn. 


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