If you don’t already know, Kevin Sbraga is a well–regarded celebrity chef. He won Top Chef, and founded Sbraga Dining, which includes Sbraga, The Fat Ham and his latest venture, the 1980s–themed Juniper Commons.

We arrived at Juniper Commons and immediately took note of the décor, which we’re guessing is supposed to embody the ‘80s theme. But we felt the restaurant had more of a modern vibe. Either way, the casual aura made us feel instantly welcome.

The meal started with two slices (more like mini loaves) of homemade zucchini–walnut bread.

With a little help from the general manager Tom, we crafted the perfect order of classy comfort food. We started with an unreal French Onion Soup ($10), which was the perfect warm–up dish, in more ways than one. There was an impeccable attention to detail; the onions were cooked for eight hours and the croutons were like a bite of homemade heaven.

We were excited to eat them again in the festive Caesar salad ($18). We weren’t expecting it, but we were in for dinner and a show! The Caesar salad is made at your table (hibachi–style), and comes with a side of fun facts. Did you know the Caesar salad is actually a Mexican dish? We didn’t.If eggplant parmesan and mozzarella sticks were to have a child, it would be the crispy eggplant ($16). This dish probably doesn’t count towards your daily vegetable serving, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying every warm, chewy bite of it. Next up was the buttermilk fried chicken ($24). Although unexpected, the honey and sea salt combination made this dish absolutely mouthwatering. The deep fried outside encased the juiciest piece of chicken in Philly. If you come to Jupiter Commons and don’t order this, you’re wrong.

Tom also sent over a plate of the Beef Fat French Fries ($9). The fries were dusted in parmesan, thyme and a few other orgasmic spices. Another plus of this dish: some of the fries were large and potato wedge–y while others were smaller and crispier. Unfortunately, the Brussels sprouts, the only vegetables on our table, were way too salty.

Looking past the confusing décor and salty Brussels sprouts, the restaurant’s high–class comfort food made our tummies happy and our hearts sing. Thank you, Juniper Commons, for keeping it classy while letting us eat like kids again. 


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