Pope Francis is coming in hot to Philadelphia this weekend, and you will have access to virtually nothing. And let’s be honest, most of you are not pure enough to be within a 10 mile radius of the Holy Homie. Haven't made any plans yet? Highbrow compiled a list of last minute getaways that the People’s Pontiff probably wouldn't approve.

1. You know that friend of a friend who you keep saying you’re going to visit? Well, it's not "Pope Weekend" in Connecticut or Massachusetts. Expand your horizons by hitting up your friend at Trinity, UVA, or any number of the easily reachable East Coast schools. At the very least, you’ll return on Monday feeling grateful that you go to Penn.

2. Gather a group of friends and hit the shore before the weather turns sour. Beach, sun, friends, and avoiding the 2 million people coming to Philly. 

3. Go home before the midterm craze begins. We know you miss your mom. And your bed. Definitely your bed.

4. The Pope Crawl 2015. This one is more of a "spiritual getaway," if that makes you feel better. According to the event, this drunken pilgrimage includes 20 different bars, all within walking distance of each other. If you’re interested in pissing off everyone who is trying to pray, this is for you.

If you do choose to stay on campus this weekend, keep in mind that when you’re conducting your weekly Sunday morning walk of shame, Pope Francis is close by. Not only is he close by, but he also has major connects with the Big Guy and your ultimate judgement. Just sayin’.


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