Best Cheap BYO: Dim Sum Garden
Go with a group of friends and sample a bit of everything. Order double of the soup dumplings and scallion pancakes... just to be safe. You’ll still be shocked when the bill comes at how little you end up paying.

1020 Race Street

Least Awkward First Date Spot for Freshmen: 1920 Commons
You may not have to deal with the wallet scramble at the end, but a true gentleman will always swipe a lady in. And a true lady will always politely decline because #equality. Plus, there are more secluded spots here than at Hill in case you feel the urge to canoodle.

38th and Locust Streets

Safest First Date for Upperclassmen: Ramen Bar

Nestled in the heart of off–campus, Ramen allows for an easy escape and lots of watchful eyes in case your new beau is a creep. It’s scientifically proven to be impossible to look attractive while eating the ramen, but order it to weed out the weak and superficial. 

4040 Locust Street

Most Parent–Friendly Spot: White Dog

Midterm season is coming, and if your parents are too you can head over straight from VP and nobody will really care if you look like a schlub. It’s also pretty harmless, even the pickiest of diners can find something here.

3420 Sansom Street

Happiest Hour: Alma de Cuba
A Copa double marg will always have a place in our hearts, but there’s something to be said for Alma’s $5 mojitos, which really pack a punch. With appetizer and ceviche specials to boot, it’s not to be missed.

1623 Walnut Street

Bucket List Cheesesteak: Dalessandro’s
Our sources say this is the best steak and experience in Philly. The formal advice is: “Go immediately. American with onions.” It’s only five minutes farther than Pat’s/Geno’s, but a little trickier to get to. Worth it though, and that’s what bucket list places are for!

600 Wendover Street

The Philly Fries: Chickie’s and Pete’s
Chickie’s and Pete’s crab fries (crispy crinkle–cut French fries with a secret old bay–like seasoning) are the reason we go to Phillies games. We don’t care if you’re lactose intolerant, drown your fries in the orgasmic white, creamy cheese sauce, and you won’t regret it.

1526 Packer Ave, Citizens Bank Park, Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia Interna- tional Airport, etc.

Burger of Your Dreams: Shake Shack
Proximity to these cheeseburgers is such a plus that it almost brings redemption to DRL and Hill (almost). They'll haunt your dreams, and you’ll find yourself suggesting a walk down Chestnut Street to your friends so you can “unexpectedly” walk by and take a peek inside. Just a peek. Lol, we kid. We know you’re already in line.

3200 Chestnut Street