There’s no class you can take that replicates experience. For a second, as a senior, that seems unfair. I feel like I’ve learned a lot in college through my experiences—attending Penn for the past 3.1–something years and in overseeing this publication. And yet, those experiences don’t equate to 5+ years in a digital consulting role or whatever it is that makes me ineligible for whatever position. I’m a fast learner, ya know?

But when I close the browser, I admit, I agree. I have learned that with Street. You can listen to your pals’ advice, but until you have failed or succeeded This week I had the pleasure of talking with former Editor-in-Chief, Chloe Bower. We agree: there’s nothing like work, work experience, to teach you what you want and how to fulfill your goals.

This feature about gap years speaks to that. There’s nothing wrong with taking time off to learn about yourself instead of learning about demand curves. That’s experience and you have to give yourself the time to experience.

This is why we’re changing page two to reflect the experience we have on campus. Next to my letters, we’ll have our Snap of the Week. A Snapchat that reflect campus vibes. So add me on Snapchat: asternlicht. I’ll snap you if you snap me.

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