This is a strange time of the year. Some seniors know what they are doing after graduation, most do not. It’s not jacket weather, but you’re cold if you go to VP wearing only a sweater. The fresh- men aren't really fresh anymore.

In my life (read: Street), this is a strange time of the year. Elec- tions for the next Street exec, aka the Daily Pennsylvanian’s 132nd Board, have begun as of yesterday.

The end of my editorship is nigh. That’s exciting and scary. I’m so excited to hand Street over to a capable, creative, passionate successor. I cannot wait to see what the next Editor–in–Chief does with Street. I’m excited to move on to another job and another space that I’m passionate about at Penn in my final semester.

It’s scary for me to see the of end of my time at Street. This publication defines my existence. I decide when I sleep and when I wake up based on this publication. What am I going to do on Wednesday nights if I’m not eating DPizza? Who am I going to email if I have an “Overheard at Penn”? Who is going to listen if I write a letter?

I’m embracing the change in this publication and in my priori- ties. It makes me so grateful that I've made Street my identity.

Anyway, I’m getting sentimental. Read on, dear friend, read on.