School spirit is hiding somewhere in a third floor Van Pelt carrel.

No, we never fill the 52,958 seats in Franklin Field. No, we don't tailgate. No, we don't bow to the basketball team as they walk down Locust (my dad tells me they did back in 1980–whatever). But we are spirited.

That’s because we belong here. We belong to each other. No matter what you’re doing or feeling, there’s someone who feels that too.

My roommate Mel and I haven’t slept in 48 hours, but we did that together. When I left the DP at 3am, she called me to walk me home, and we discussed how to dress as Nicki Minaj for Halloween—pink thongs and all.

When I came to the Daily Pennsylvanian on Monday night, I found our Design Director, Byrne, stretched out across a chair and the couch. “What are you doing here? What are you working on?” I asked her.

“I came here because I knew there’d be people here,” she said.

That’s where our school spirit lies: between a couch and a chair and the knowledge that someone will be there.

Hurrah for the red and blue—whatever that means.