Is your closet bursting with jockstraps and compression shorts? Drawers stuffed to the brim with goggles? Don't know what you'r gonna do with all those shin guards? Don't worry- Lowbrow's going to show you how to take your running shoes and turn them into runway shoes. Take our tips and incorporate your winning gear into winning #OOTDs. 

  • Wear your football helmet out! Nothing's better than a good personal hotbox. BONUS: You can protect against DFMOs. 
  • Sports bras are ready–made for formals. Usually a top, wear them as panties to give those glutes a little perk!
  • Your cup can come in handy when running low on shot glasses. Take it off, fill it up, enjoy the bonus nutty flavor.
  • Shoulder pads in geology class will not only make you seem broad, but also give you enough room in class to take furious notes during lecture. Plus the 80s are totally back.
  • Lacrosse skirts are versatile and trendy for every event.  Dress it up to meet your boyfriend's parents, then take off a layer when heading to Rumor!
  • Your face masks and prescription sports glasses make a statement at any gala or masquerade ball.  A potential suitor can't resist the mystique hiding behind the cage on your face.
  • Jock straps keep things perky and are great for easy access! Need we say more?
  • Show the world you've got some balls! Literally, bring your soccer ball around with you wherever you go.  Van Pelt, downtown, under the button...irre-fucking-sistible.