Winter break was fun and relaxing, no question, but tbh we're kinda thrilled to be back at Penn. January means classes aren't real and you've got some time to kill. We're using that time to eat, and here's where we're heading first:

1. Soft Cheese from Tria

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2. Grilled Cheese from Meltkraft

3. Matzo Ball + Brisket Ramen from Cheu Noodle Bar

4. Mega Soup Dumpling from Bing Bing Dim Sum

5. Suck It Pie from Stargazy Bakery

6. Cannolis from Termini Bros at Reading Terminal Market

7. Black & White Cookies from Famous 4th St Cookies at RTM

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8. Drugz from Mueller's Chocolate at RTM

9. Ok Everything from Reading Terminal

10. Smores Bar from Bakeshop on 20th :O

11. Anxiously waiting for Spread to open at 36th and Chestnut

12. THE ROTOLO i.e. mortadella + ricotta + pistachio pesto from Pizzeria Vetri

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13. Short Ribs Hidden Under Avo and Egg at Lolita

14. Choosing Ants Pants over Honey's

15. Whatever the Fuck This Is from Cafe Lift

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16. Glitter Donuts from Fed Nuts

17. Shakshouka on Sundays at Dizengoff

18. "Chicken Sandwich" from Mac Mart

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19. Shoestring Fries from Continental

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20. Last but not least:


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