By now, you may or may not have heard of the new free app Peach, which came out Friday, Jan. 8, 2015. Basically, if Facebook, Twitter and Instagram got drunk and had a threesome, Peach would be their illicit lovechild. Peach was created by Dom Hoffman, co–creator of Vine, and released by the company Byte Inc. Street took the liberty of breaking it down for you so you don’t have to waste fifteen important minutes trying to figure it out. If, even after this mediocre review, you feel compelled to make an account, add me @zoealbanooritt (yeah I plugged myself, ask me if I give a fuck) (Ed. note: really though, she has like 2 friends, so add her.)

How it Works:

Peach allows you to post short status updates, pictures/GIFs and even drawings. While there's no main feed, you can view your friends' personal feeds and find out what they're up to. You can also like and comment on someone else's status or picture, which is one of the few ways to directly interact with someone on Peach. There are magic words that allow you to share what you’re listening to, what movie you’re watching (by typing keyword "movie" into your feed), or do other cool shit like roll emoji dice ("dice") and make drawings ("draw").


  • There's no line down the middle of the peach in the icon, so you're not constantly seeing an ass every time you open the app.
  • In case poking people on Facebook wasn’t enough for you, Peach gives you the option to now wave at, cake, 100, boop, quarantine, blow a kiss, put a ring on and hiss at your friends. Now you can finally passive aggressively quarantine that bitch you hate, even if it is only an emoji on a social media app.
  • You can actually post GIFs on it. We're looking at you, Facebook.
  • Using Peach's special magic words, you can draw dicks by using the magic word "draw" and tell people you're watching Sharknado by using the magic word "movie". What more could you ask for in a social media app?


  • Since there’s no main timeline/news feed/Peach feed, how are you supposed to find out that that girl in your Econ class you asked for notes from that one time had a dope time at formal?
  • What the actual fuck is a boop?
  • Instead of “find your friends,” Peach encourages you to “assemble your squad." It's 2016. Squad is over.
  • You don’t need a magic word to tell people what song you’re listening to. You can just tell them.
  • I’m personally really bad at iPhone drawings. When Draw Something finally died out in 2012, I rejoiced.

So there you have it, folks. Peach is pretty useless, but it's a good way to waste time in VP basement during midterms. Plus, it's kinda cute.


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