As second semester ramps up (300 pages of reading for one class like, okay) and winter settles in, resisting a Netflix binge will become increasingly difficult (read: impossible). The weather outside is nothing but sleet and snow, midterms are too distant to think about and the prospect of leaving your bed to face the wind tunnel that is Locust Walk just isn't doing it for you. But, have no fear—Netflix kicked off 2016 by adding tons of new shows and movies to its site to carry you through the next few cold weeks. If you’re a girl getting through winter and Valentine’s Day season, you’ll thank us. If you’re a guy looking to find one of those girls, you’ll thank us even more.  For anyone in between, stay tuned.

Along Came Polly

If you’re an early 2000’s romcom or general chick flick fan (and let’s be honest, who isn’t), January was a good month for you. First on your list that’s newly added should be Along Came Polly starring none other than the romantic comedy queen herself—Jennifer Anniston. Follow her as she catches the attention of—you guessed it—Ben Stiller in this 2004 movie that will win your heart just as much as she wins his.

The Wedding Date

Next comes The Wedding Date, another stereotypical rom-com that most likely goes along well with your unmade bed and a carton of ice cream. All the clichés are there: a beautiful wedding, an unhappy maid of honor and a London destination. Yes, you may have a hard time telling Amy Adams and Debra Messing apart. And yes, you may predict the plot, but at least the movie is reliable.

  Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers

If after Along Came Polly you still haven’t had enough of Ben Stiller, we have good news. Both Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers were released on the same day in January. It's perfect if you’re looking for a movie marathon to waste away a Friday morning with or when you’re the only one of your friends with no class. If you’ve already seen them, they never get old. If you haven’t, you most definitely should get on that, not only because they’re classics, but also because you’ll want to understand the next time someone includes you in her “circle of trust.”

Bring It On

Last but certainly not least is the cheerleader genre, which Netflix showed a lot of love to this month. Both Bring It On: Fight to the Finish and Bring It On: In It to Win It were released to bring some spirit to the roster. Whether you love them or hate them is a personal choice, but there’s no denying that the dance routines are mesmerizing and the sass is certainly something to learn from.


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