The University of Pennsylvania Department of Biology recently released an academic paper stating that the ratio of the snow people is unfavorably skewed toward males. Conservationists are deeply concerned about the future of the snow people, as females become increasingly rare. “If too many males occur in the wild, most of them will melt before they find mates,” said the chair of the Biology Department. He went on. “This is a huge problem for snow preservation."

This isn't the only problem for the snowmen. Some people have been attempting to melt snowmen to skew the numbers to an even ratio. “We’ve been carrying around blow dryers and space heaters in order to create balance in the snow people population," a spokesperson for the Snow Balance League said. “It only takes an hour and a half to melt a snowman with a blow dryer. That's the same amount of time as it'd take to do my reading for my seminar, but I was never going to do that anyway."

Still, it's unclear if snow people actually have genders. No one has actually seen snow sex and it's hard to imagine what a snow vagina would look like. We asked Olaf, the snow person from Disney’s Frozen, how he identified and he replied, “my penis is also a carrot.” So, results were inconclusive.


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