Ever wonder what it’s like to be sexiled? Why a TA would ever want to be a TA? Which seniors are looking to get laid? One comedy club is answering all of those questions and more—Classless TV.

Associate producer Will Gregoire recording using the sound boom and laying down to get the best angle, teaching us that angle does matter.

Classless TV is Penn’s narrative comedy web series about all things relating to campus life. The group releases their five to eight minute episodes online in the spirit of a sitcom, following a plot and a structure, as opposed to sketch–style work. The show’s topic changes from year to year and has covered everything from the shenanigans of freshmen dorm living to the grim life of a TA to the challenge of being a publication in competition with the DP. This year’s series, titled Screwed, highlights four seniors dealing with their awkward social skills and desperate attempts to lose their virginities.

The team contains students filling a wide range of roles, including producers, directors, writers and actors. Yet Classless prides itself on its accessibility and inclusivity. “Classless is one of the few clubs I encountered early on that is just 100% open to anyone who is willing to commit their time and energy,” said Arielle Port, Classless TV’s executive producer. The club gets to its final product after going through a process of writers’ meetings, editing, shooting and more editing, all of which can be learned by people of all skill sets. The more people that get involved, the stronger the club becomes. “My team is just straight fire,” Port said.

Actors Elizabeth Martinez and Daniel Chung doing what we all do in our spare time: playing with a dart gun but getting interrupted by hysterical sobs.

The club is also unique in that it brings opportunities to its members that reach far beyond just its scripts and episodes. Classless TV is affiliated with the Kelly Writers House, a major resource for the club. The Writers House helped organize a speaker series for the club featuring Penn alumni working in all different fields of entertainment. Students were invited to ten lunches over the course of the semester to Skype with alumni, hear about their careers and receive advice for the long term. Students take advantage of these sessions both to advance their work on the actual series and to help plan for future experience in the industry.

Even students who aren’t interested in a job in entertainment find that the club has other lifelong benefits. Students learn to become better thinkers, better writers and better public speakers, as well as sharpen other skills like working in a team and tackling obstacles. “It’s just a cool opportunity to learn how to problem solve, more than anything else,” Port said. Though a senior looking to go into the entertainment world after college, Port has noticed the great impact the club has had on her peers. “That’s what we do. We put out fires when there’s a problem...so it’s kind of a great experience whether or not you think it’s going to translate directly into your chosen career.”

Actors Ava Kikut and Adam Parham hiking together during their first date on the show.

Next time you’re looking to fill time and have already watched everything new on Netflix, check out Classless TV’s YouTube channel for some good laughs and entertainment. The episodes are quick, the binging is easy and you’ll feel inner joy for supporting your hardworking classmates. Even better? You’ll feel validated knowing you’re not the only student at Penn who’s still a virgin. 


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