College students compete to see who gets less sleep

Challenges include complainbragging about how many midterms you’ve had in the last week and how aptly you can abuse the snapchat time filter.

High school students compete to see who gives less of a fuck

Find out who can go through the longest emo phase.

Who can best use social media to mask the meaninglessness of their life?

We all know likes are the true currency of life value.

Which Wharton student can refer to the most people as peasants?

Bonus points for usage of plebeian.

Which Penn student is most effectively wasting his/her potential?

Those drugs won’t do themselves!

The Bachelor: Starring a guy who’s kind of boring and ugly but is about to inherit a few million dollars

Tune in to see who can best fake a genuine human connection.

America’s Next Top Beet Farmer

Nonstop drama.


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