As you flip through the pages of this dining guide you’ll see chicken tikka masala pizza (p. 31), lemon curd pie (p. 27), red velvet pancakes (p. 19) and more. I see a bucket list.

I’ve been able to put the looming date of graduation out of my mind for a while, but with each page turn comes a reminder of May 16th. How could I have possibly considered leaving Philly without trying Barbuzzo’s famous salted caramel budino? Reflecting on my life pre-budino (p. 19), I only now see how young and naïve I was. And where would I be today if I didn’t know you could put the borderline absurd flavor combination of sour apricot, toasted marshmallow, and almond into an ice cream macaron sandwich (p. 14) à la Sugar Philly? 

This publication is more than just an excuse for Street to gain a few pounds, it’s a chance for us to try something new. Then we get to tell you what went right and what didn’t, so you can maximize your taste enjoyment per dollar (okay maybe it is time for me to leave this place).

As for me, I’ve got a month and a half left to eat my way through the next 30 pages. I’m not cowardly enough to dare to graduate without tasting the chocolate babka from Bakeshop on 20th (p. 7), a slice of pizza the side of my head from Pizza Brain (p. 31), a heavy drink from Fiume (p. 18) and a cashew sriracha aioli covered bowl from Yoku (p. 28) in a weak attempt at health. If you want in, find my insta and DM me. Food is better with friends, and yes I follow back.