For those who are still somehow making it to classes nowadays, you’ve probably been harassed once or twice by a flyerer on Locust. To alleviate your stresses, Highbrow’s dishing out something you’ll actually want to read. Before you commit yourself to seeing five performing arts shows this weekend, we need to aca–tell–ya all things brunch and all–around bold. In case you need a little more than some aural fixation, the Round Up is here to satisfy your gossip cravings.

At Owl’s brunch this past Saturday, some new kids on the block made a grand appearance. A Highbrow source tells us that a group of international freshmen boys, identifying themselves as the new Skulls, had their “official unveiling” during the darty. The self–proclaimed coming–out party consisted of the gentlemen ordering 20+ bottles of pricey champagne, in addition to wooing ladies to their table and picking up their tabs as well. We hate to burst your bubbly, but it’ll take a lot more than ostentatious displays of wealth to distinguish yourself in The Scene. After all, it is Owl’s brunch; be careful if you wanna defy the pecking order.

All the the free–flowing booze had one girl feeling a little sleepy. In desperate need of a mid–darty cat–nap, a Tri Delt junior broke into the mansion during brunch, which was a big no–no for partygoers. The listless mistress navigated the off–limits estate and found a place to (tres)pass out for a half hour, before eventually rejoining the party. Forget doses. It appears dozes and mimosas ruled the day.

Unfortunately, another Tri Delta didn’t have as peaceful of an afternoon. After cutting her foot at brunch, one senior girl went to the hospital, only to have to wait around for several hours to be treated. The doctors readily noticed how drunk the shwastey sister was, so they made her wait at least four hours until she sobered up, before giving her much–needed stitches. Moral of the story: Brunch responsibly, or you’ll end up in a pretty champagne–ful situation.

Enough with the Greek debauchery. Let’s talk about other arbitrarily exclusive/elitist clubs. Last week, Lantern pledges were tasked with occupying a GSR for a full 24 hours while working on a puzzle, one that was a naked picture of an already–initiated member. Apparently, the hopefuls of the Wharton senior society were a bit inebriated, and their raucous behavior prompted someone to call the cops on them. Not only did the drunkards get kicked out of the GSR, but three of them got citations. Looks like the nude star of their pledge puzzle wasn’t the only person caught with his pants down. 


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