1. The strait–laced kid from your recitation who is raging harder than you are.

2. The rare but nevertheless super enthusiastic Chance the Rapper fan. 

3. The person choosing to experience all of Fling through Snapchat. 

4. The downtown fiend who will spend more money this week than you made last summer. 

5. The inexplicably smashed freshman at the Quad carnival.

6. The person who talks a big game about going out to everything but crashes by Friday afternoon. 

7. The way too hype friend trying to rally the troops post–darty. 

8. The sorority girl who demands to be on an elevated surface at all times.  

9. The human embodiment of FOMO who paid three times the original price for a Pool Party ticket. 

10. The SAC all–star repping his ten–plus clubs via Fling tanks. 

11. The degenerate who pretends Fling is fucking Ultra and is on copious amounts of drugs.

12. The rookie trying to make “Fling” a verb. Just no. 


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