Happy 4/21, guys, gals and friends of all shapes and sizes. It's only the second most depressing day of the year—after December 26. Though yesterday is long, long gone, we here at Street still wanted to be festive and provide you with a guide to the high–tech newish way to smoke weed: VAPES. Though people who vape are extremely easy/fun to make fun of, it's a growing way of life, and we must learn to accept it. Soon, every man, woman and child will have a vape (okay well hopefully not children but it sounded good ya know?); this is what I hope to accomplish with this article. I found and reviewed two of the more common styles of portable vapes, and this is what I learned. It should be noted that these vapes only work with dry materials, and NOT wax, oil or concentrates. 

Magic Flight Launch Box

Before vaping:

The MFLB is a very small wooden box that works interestingly, and unlike almost any other vape on the market. The box part is only the oven, and in order to actually vape, you have to insert either a metal, rechargeable MFLB battery or a standard AA battery. The battery life isn't great, but the batteries are easy to recharge and come with caps for when they're not in use. It comes with a lifetime warranty, in case anything at all happens to it, and the basic, standard model runs you $119. All in all, very cute and portable, and you can have one forever with that sweeeeet lifetime warranty.

After vaping:

The first thing I noticed about the MFLB that I liked was the taste; it tasted like burnt popcorn, and the vapor that I breathed out smelled the same too, leaving no smell of weed. It was also smoother on my throat than regular smoking, which I appreciated. I first started noticing the effects after a few hits. The high was a little bit different than a regular high; I mostly felt it in my head as opposed to my whole body. In fact, it just made me kind of sleepy. It was similar enough to produce the same fun effects of getting high, but just different enough for me to notice the differences. I would recommend it for anyone who's trying to get high on the sly or anyone who needs a lil help sleeping at night.

G Pen Elite

(It should be noted that this is not a G Pen Elite. It's just a G Pen that looks kinda cool.)

Before vaping:

The G Pen Elite is much sleeker than the MFLB. It's black plastic and about four inches long. There are no extra parts; you turn it on by pressing the power button on the side. Then you adjust the temperature with either of the two buttons on the side, hold down the power button again to let it know to start to heat up, and you're ready to hit it (only metaphorically. You still need to let the pen heat up, silly!). In order to change out the ~material~ inside, you pop open the mouth piece by pulling it to one side, then you can use a small brush to clean out all the vaped up shit inside before reloading. The G Pen Elite can hit any temperature from 200 to 428˚ F. The G Pen Elite, however, will cost just a tad more than the MFLB at a slightly hefty $169.95. Now on to the vaping!

After vaping:

The G Pen Elite seemed harder to pull than the MFLB. Then again, I might just be a fucking pussy. The effects seemed to be pretty much the same as the MFLB, which was kind of disappointing for this review TBH. If anything, it seemed to not work as well for me as the MFLB. 

So there you have it, folks. All vapes are pretty much the same and if you pay anything more than you have to, you're kind of just throwing away your money.


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