Hello Wonderful Human,

Picking up this application was the best decision you’ve made in your life. Or, at minimum, the best decision you’ve made in the last hour. Welcome to 34th Street, Penn’s premiere Arts and Culture Magazine. We’re not trying to brag, but we’ve been described as, “the Dom Perignon waterfall of Penn,” “too rowdy to ever come back to Banana Leaf, now get out before we call the cops, I’m serious” and “a magazine.” 

Street is like a family, and if you can write, edit, design, or take pics (dick or otherwise), we want you to be a part of that family.

Click here to access the application.

Applications are due Monday, June 13th at midnight, and should be emailed to Johns@34st.com.

Feel free to reach out to anyone on the exec board with questions. Remember, ask not what Street can do for you, but what you can do for Street. We’re like 99% sure JFK said that.

Much love,

Emily, Mikaela, Giulia, Corey, Jeffrey & Remi