Watch Love Actually instead of doing your political science reading so you feel connected to all the happenings.

Speak in a fake British accent so you start to convince yourself that you are, in fact, in London.

Find a tall kid named Ben. Only call him Big Ben. 

Attempt to make fish and chips. Fail. Order spicy tuna crispy rice from Pod instead.

Write Snapchat and ask for a British geotag in your room. You’re allowed to lie to your followers.

Convince yourself you don’t regret not going abroad by taking advantage of all Penn has to offer. aka go to a themed frat party with a bunch of freshmen because you’re still not old enough to get into Smokes’. Beat yourself up for remembering that you would be legal in London.

Go downtown and see the Liberty Bell because you still haven’t seen it since you’ve been in Philly. Be impressed. Then feel like shit when you see your friends’ photos of the Buckingham Palace.

Make a promise to yourself that you’ll become close with new people. Then, unavoidably, meet zero new people.

Go home and make yourself a nice cup of English Breakfast tea. Spike it.

Listen to The Beatles and cry. 

Buy ticket to London because you know you made a mistake. Rip it up because you're stubborn and made a choice and now must stick to it. Question whether or not you are a Castle pledge.


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