Ah yes, the back–to–school film genre—not just for tweens who think they’ll be lucky enough to switch places with their popstar doppelgängers (Ed note: every Disney movie ever). Really, we’re here to get you on track and in the back–to–school mood more than buying textbooks and reading syllabi ever could.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Nothing like a film about the ultimate skip day to help you get back into the school spirit. Because let’s be honest, the only important part about school is realizing how valuable the days you aren’t in school are.

The Social Network

For all you start–up techies out there, we’re not completely sure how accurate The Social Network is on the tech side of things, but we’re assuming the drama behind starting a startup is the same? Close? Maybe? Either way, the story of ultimately turning your dorm room start–up into a multibillion–dollar company and paying off student loans is one that hits close to home, so it made the list.

The Internship

A comedy about landing a perfect internship that ultimately becomes a full–time job or your life goal? LMK, LMK! Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson found a way to make us laugh about internships for two hours, relieving us of the impending doom of OCR (did you know it’s in the fall now?).

How High

Disclaimer: We’re not exactly sure how accurate this movie is about Harvard, recreational drug use or ghosts, but it’s kind of funny and about two guys who “defy the odds” while being high basically all the time. And Method Man is in it. Let’s deem this a “watch in times of extreme procrastination,” but a watch nonetheless.

High School Musical 2

Boy meets girl, boy and girl try to survive a summer relationship, boy sings on a golf course about how he messed up, boy and girl get back together right before senior year in the sequel. Honestly, just watch it for the fire musical numbers.

Mean Girls

A timeless piece about the average freshman who falls into the deep, dark pit of popularity, but makes it out alive and helps everyone else realize their wrongdoings in their pasts. With great one–liners and classic characters, Mean Girls is never a bad time.


A movie that makes you grateful that the only thing you have to lie to your parents about is your GPA and not that you don’t actually have a college to attend. Or maybe you don’t actually go to Penn, but are making it appear that way to folks at home? Well, then this one’s for you.

Degrassi: Next Class

Although technically not a film, nothing says back–to–school more than Degrassi. Picked up by Netflix after its on–screen finale, this version of Degrassi is a bit tamer and has no Drake, but still fills you with that sense of relief realizing all that teen angst is (mostly) over in your life.


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