1. Sippin’ your tea even when you’re not minding your business.
  2. “Fallin back.” Which doesn’t mean adding to the amount of school work we’ve been avoiding while still pretending it’s NSO. This type of backwards means shorter days and longer nights. So, let the late nights commence.
  3. Sweater weather. No shirt, no blouse.
  4. Pumpkin spiced anything. At the exact second that one leaf changed color you know Starbucks brought back its menu with
  5. all the fall fixin's.
  6. Swell water bottles. They’re almost a little too effective at maintaining temperature but a burnt tongue never felt so trendy. Plus who at Penn doesn’t love overpriced things?
  7. The Starbucks on 39th and Walnut Streets. You are the hero we didn’t know we needed.
  8. Fifth floor Van Pelt. We think it seems like a good place to spend a fall study session. There’s no real reason behind this, just like there was no reason for them to redo that one section of the entire floor. But, sometimes, you just gotta go with your gut.


  1. Sandals that lace up to your knee. We get it, you had Center City Sips at 5 p.m. and then had to fight the gladiators at 6 p.m., but those days have come to an end.
  2. Flyering on Locust. With colder weather we expect fewer flyering fanatics because no one likes to be ignored when the weather is nippy.
  3. Breakfast. Now we’re all about break fast. That means repenting for your sins and then punctuating your day of fasting with a nice bagel and lox. It’s kind of counterintuitive, but seems to have really stuck.
  4. Wake and bake (in the sun). You might not be laying out on College Green anymore, but you definitely don’t have to stop smoking it.
  5. Harambe. RIP. Not only to him but also the joke.
  6. Texting. If iOS 10 hasn’t changed your form of communication into strictly hand written messages, then you’re definitely doing it wrong. You should either be sending at least ten heartbeats a day or re–evaluating your life.