Dearest Reader,

When I sat down to write this letter, I somewhat helplessly wondered how I was going to be able to sum up all of my feelings about being back at Penn for my final year in 300–odd words. How could I possibly explain to you how fast Penn seems to have passed or how stressed I am about finding a job or how much I miss my summer...all crammed into this tiny corner of page 2?

But then I realized that I don’t have 300 words—I have 16 pages and a whole damn website. Sixteen pages (and a whole damn website) within which I, and the rest of the staff of Street, can show you exactly how Penn makes us feel this week—and every week for the rest of the year. We can share what’s on our playlists with you (, laugh about our drunken mishaps during NSO with you (pg. 3) and perhaps impart some wisdom about fuck buddies to you (pg. 12). We may even inspire you to change your profile picture (pg. 8–9).

So, if you don’t know what Street is (looking at you, Freshman reader who picked up this magazine because someone told you your face was in it), let us show you. We are many faces and countless voices. We are Penn’s arts and culture authority. We are a weekly supplement to The Daily Pennsylvanian. We are the most widely read magazine on campus. We are a gossip column. We are real, we are fake, we are artsy, we are jappy, we are nice, we are mean, we are funny...basically, whether you’d like to admit it or not, we are your guide to Penn.

When I came to Penn in 2013, Street helped me find my voice. Now, as I begin the end of my time at this publication, let me do the same for you. If you are lost or bored or just want some new people to laugh at your jokes, come to our Writers’ Meeting tonight at 6:30 p.m. I promise you will find what you’re looking for and, who knows, maybe you’ll be writing this letter in three years.

Endless love,