Life is all about the ebb and flow, and nothing exemplifies this better than Netflix's seasonal recalibrations of their streaming options. To remind you of the ephemeral nature of everything beautiful, they'll be retiring several of their selections every few days for the entire month. But fear not, as you kiss Fringe, Zoolander and The Bridge on the River Kwai goodbye, Netflix will be replacing them with another seemingly random assemble of entertainment.

Narcos (Season 2 now available)

This Netflix original follows Pablo Escobar and his run–ins with obstacles on his way to becoming a cocaine–slinging billionaire in the late 1970s. In the 20 years that pass in the first season, Escobar has dodged the DEA and finessed relationships with local politicians and business associates, only to be imprisoned and eventually escape. It is on this note of vulnerability that the second season begins, as the wonderfully acted aging kingpin seeks to reclaim his glory in an arc of gut–wrenching action.

Portlandia (Season 6 available Sept. 24)

It's time to poke fun at millennial culture again. All your favorite Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein sketches are returning in their sixth season, with guest appearances from The Flaming Lips, Alia Shawkat, Steve Buscemi and Zoë Kravitz. And yes, since we know you were wondering, Candace and Toni grace this short ten–episode run with an entire episode grappling with their living in "the most feminist city in the US."

Zootopia (Sept. 20)

Fan of animated films or not, if you didn't catch this is theaters you're a hater who needs to add some animated enjoyment to their schedule. Already the 24th highest grossing film of all time, Zootopia is a modern Disney jewel about a world of anthropomorphic animals and a bunny's dream of being a police officer in it. Dealing with the nuances of racism and labor divisions, it's a gently woke film for the next generation of socially conscious children and an enjoyment for those who view it with them. 

The Walking Dead (Season 6 available Sept. 20)

Not exactly sure how they're still alive and not yet consumed by the hordes of walkers, but nevertheless, our heroes Rick and Carl fight on to defend his fellow Alexandrians from the Wolves, Saviors and innumerable other threats. In Season 6, inter–human conflict runs high, as the walkers seem to be temporarily put on the back burner for a more familiar danger. This deep in, The Walking Dead remains taut and tense despite the slow stretches, and continues its merciless examination of justice in the face of apocalypse that will more than please fans.

True Grit (now available)

You probably saw the Coen brothers remake a few years back when you were trying to catch all the Best Picture nominees, which is an arguably more focused attempt that pleases lovers of Westerns alike. But that's not to write off the original feature and the accompanying magic of John Wayne, as his role as a marshall tracking down a murderous outlaw remains one of his most iconic roles. Beautifully shot on location in Ouray, Colorado, True Grit is the kind of daytime television film you watch at your grandparent's house, the perfect combination of comforting old–timey dialogue with subdued action.


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