Things we're looking forward to:

  • The new Beefsteak restaurant in Houston. Yet another place where we can piss away our money when we're just feeling "meh" about Honeygrow or Sweetgreen. 
  • Philly BYOs. Sure, NYC BYOs are trendier, but they don't quite possess the same turn–up factor, and that's key. 
  • Locust Walk when there are actual, like, leaves on the trees. This beauty is all too fleeting, and Locust will look gaunt and colorless in two months. 
  • OCR in the fall. Unpopular opinion, I know, but let's just get this out of the way, shall we? You'll be checked out by February anyway. 
  • The new Starbucks on Walnut. Definitely not the hero we needed or deserved, but it makes some walks to class immensely more bearable. 
  • No classes on Fridays. Mama, we made it. 

Things we're not looking forward to:

  • Hearing debates about the presidential election. We get it, they're two of the most unpopular candidates ever, blah, blah, blah. Can we distract ourselves with something else? Like the probably–fake–but–still–intriguing beef between T–Swift and Kanye? 
  • People who will wear "Make America Great Again" apparel ironically. 
  • The new College House at Hill Field. Really?! You guys get a "movie–screening room" while all our freshman year lounges could boast was a green couch stuffed with Doritos and farts? Screw you guys, we hate college. 
  • The impending polar vortex. It'll be 70 degrees until December and then global warming is gonna fuck. us. up. 
  • Blarney and Harvest becoming less relevant. Why do we give these establishments attention during the summer, then give them the cold shoulder during the school year? That's also a thinly– veiled metaphor for my love life. So. 
  • Classes on Friday. Dammit.