We may only be a few days in, but things have already started getting pumpkin spicy this fall. With the first round of midterms behind us, and for most of us, and a lot of repentance before us, it’s time to check our last few sins off our list before it’s too cold to wear crop tops. Highbrow’s here to turn up the heat with our Fall Break faves and remind you not to freeze over your social plans just because it’s parents weekend.

While we know that what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay there, a few daring souls decided to (fall) break that code of silence. A senior girl paid extra for a room with a view, but we think she got more stories than she asked for. On the first night, she was joined by an over–served ZBT dude hoping to take a break before rallying. Like a true Penn pre–professional, he sat down in the hotel room and spewed Sin City’s finest meal onto the desk, the chair and the floor—but don’t worry, his rolled–up khakis remained pristine.

In other vomiting Vegas news (and in that very same hotel room), an APES senior launched his puke over the balcony, letting 31 floors worth of guests see his night’s regrets pass them by on the way down. Joining that purging instance on the ground floor, a Tri–Delt senior seemed to be enjoying her burger and sweet potato fries until she tri–felt a TEP senior projectile vomiting on her. This SWUG apparently had all the chill and simply said “excuse me” and proceeded to keep eating her meal.

Turns out, it really is better with the lights off. One senior girl hoping to reclaim some lost summer sexytime got down, dirty and undressed with a boy she met in a cabana by a Vegas hotel pool. What started out as a private affair behind closed curtains turned into a public viewing with a security guard shining a spotlight on their performance. As the sole audience member to their cabana show, he called another security member for backup and was asking the couple for more than just their autographs. Luckily, our heroine was not without improv training and started to cry, thus getting her and her co–star off scot–free.

We won’t let Vegas get all the glory, though. On the home front, a smashed A’s junior made what was probably not his first mistake of the night. He attempted to get into an empty Smokes' on Thursday by handing a girl standing in the entryway (who was not a bouncer) a condom as a cover charge. He made it into the bar, but it’s still unclear as to whether that was the only place she let him in that night.