Listen up ladies! Nestled away in scenic South Philadelphia is your new favorite brunch spot that you don’t have to feel guilty Ubering to, given it’s in Pennsport.

Though the ride was a bit longer and the food a bit pricier than we expected, it was well worth it. Opening up this past April, The Dutch is a beautiful breakfast restaurant on the corner of a residential area with an open kitchen billowing sweet and savory smells that made even the three–minute wait for a table unbearable. And they gave us cucumber water. No charge.

We opted for an outdoor table, and were handed menus featuring selections of various omelettes, hashes, sandwiches and salads. But the real star of the menu, ladies, are the Dutch babies. They look like a naan, taste like a thick crepe and are in fact a type of popover. They only had two options for their namesake food: savory and sweet. We opted for the sweet lemon Dutch baby, as it seemed more similar to a traditional pancake. This was for sharing, mind y’all.

Between the three of us, we tried the ham and vegetable hashes, along with the huevos rancheros. The two hashes came with excellent rye toast and a hefty ratio of cheese and potatoes to egg. But the huevos rancheros were particularly special. The poached egg, guacamole, black beans, salsa, bacon and hollandaise sauce were all served in equal and beautiful portions atop a cornmeal waffle. It was the perfect, moist vessel to absorb the excess liquids from above without getting soggy itself. All was washed down with bottomless Rival Bros’ coffee.

We were surprised by how attentive the waitstaff was to all of the customers outdoors, as we were never without a voice over our shoulders asking if we wanted a refill or needed anything else. Though the menu is somewhat limited, there are no missteps in sight. The atmosphere was friendly and inviting, and the food was delicious and filling. Perfect for a Sunday Brunch with all your best friends.

Location: 1527 S. 4th St

TL;DR: It’s like eating a Sunday morning brunch on your scammer friend’s outdoor patio with hearty break- fast favorites that veer away from the dainty and an youthful South Philly urban clientele.

DON'T MISS: The huevos rancheros and the Dutch babies. The savory–sweet pairing is key.


WHEN TO GO: Literally any time. There’s nothing standing in the way of your brunch.



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