I have never been more ashamed of this country. To put it lightly, it’s never a good sign when a gleeful Rudy Giuliani gets on MSNBC and, searching for a historical precedent, laughs and says that Trump is the next Andrew Jackson. To everyone who voted for Hillary, whether you’ve been a die-hard supporter since 2008 or, like me, a Bernie supporter who easily saw that Clinton’s vision was infinitely closer to Bernie’s than anyone else’s in the race (Stein included), I’m proud to stand with you on the right side of history.

To everyone else, however, I hope you can fit a lot of happiness in the next few months cause I’m willing to wager you’ve got a lot of sleepless nights ahead of you. The way I see it, Trump supporters can be broken down into two groups. Those who genuinely think that Trump has policy plans that will make their lives better and those who voted for him cause he had an R next to his name.

To the first group, you did not do your homework, plain and simple. I wonder what will happen when uneducated working class people who overwhelmingly voted for Trump, bear four years of trickle down economics. I wonder what will happen when they lose health care. I cannot stand to hear one more pundit implore liberal white elites to have more sympathy for the plight of the working class. The median income of Trump voters is $72,000, well above the national median of $56,000, and these voters are far better off than they were eight years ago. Calling these votes for Trump, who will cut taxes for the wealthy and gut social programs for boondoggles like the wall, anything but deluded masochism would be a mischaracterization.

To the second group (which I like to call the Paul Ryan Bloc), you have forfeited the GOP’s claim to be the patriotic party. Any true patriot would not have been able to bring themselves to vote for a man who denigrates, immigrants, minorities, women, disabled people, and political opponents for the sole purpose of defeating the democrat. The only thing I take solace in is that spineless politicians like Ryan will have to live with this decision for the next four years.

Lastly, if you were a fellow Bernie supporter during the primary and didn’t vote for Clinton, I don’t know whose speeches you were listening to. The futures of Trump, Johnson, and yes, Stein, are absolutely not ones that I can believe in when compared with that of Clinton. There is no greater insult to Bernie’s message than not voting for Clinton. I’m ashamed to have supported the same candidate as you.

America had a chance to take a huge step forward tonight and decided to elect someone who embodies the absolute worst this country has to offer. I truly had a higher opinion of this country beforehand. Offense intended.


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