I woke up today, and, for the first time, I checked my privilege.

See, I've got a place in Trump's America. I'm white, heterosexual, Catholic, middle class male whose 4 grandparents were born here. I have two amazing parents who gave me two decades free of want and full of love.

Yet I am scared shitless.

As part of the theatre community, I am scared shitless because so many of my friends are LGBTQ. I fear for them living in a nation whose VP considers love something to be "cured."

As part of the scientific community, I am scared shitless for my peers in research. I fear for us living in a nation ruled by a party that takes an official stance against science.

As part of the Greek community, I am scared shitless for my close friends in sororities. I fear for them living in a nation led by a sexual predator.

And as part of the Penn community, I am scared shitless. I am scared for my friends of other genders, creeds, races, ethnicities, socioeconomic standings, and sexual orientations, all who aren't welcome in Trump's America.

It is my privilege that I get to worry about others. How I sorely wish not to have to use it.


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