What's the most exciting thing about Black Friday this year? If you answered anything but seeing Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, you're wrong. For Penn students who lined up outside HubBub to get a picture with a cutout of Luke and a blue coffee cup, it will be a day of binge–watching glory. The miniseries includes four 90–minute episodes, one for each season of the year.

Though spoilers have been few and far between, here’s what we can expect. Rory is back in Stars Hollow, presumably for the holidays. She’s decided that she wants a more nomadic existence so she can travel and explore the world. The trailer reveals, though, that Rory is actually nervous about her jobless, aimless life. Meanwhile, Richard has passed away leaving Emily in a state of distress. The trailer shows that she has ordered an excessively large portrait of Richard for the living room and is cleaning out her house. His death will affect all three of the women in the revival, as they work out their relationships to each other without Richard in the picture. Emily also, of course, does not support Rory’s new Bohemian outlook on life. Lorelai expresses doubts about her relationship with Luke and about The Dragonfly Inn. 

The trailer features many returning characters, including Sookie, Lane, Michel, Paris, Dean, Kirk and Taylor Doose. An addition to the cast is Sutton Foster, who appeared in Amy Sherman–Palladino’s Bunheads. She will appear in the musical element of the miniseries, which will take place in episode three. Foster, known for her work on Broadway, will sing in a Stars Hallow themed musical, according to her interview with Vulture. In general, fans should expect the same actors a revival of the familiar, fast–paced Sherman–Palladino signature dialogue. The creator will also probably address Rory’s relationships with Dean and, hopefully, Jess. Fans trust that Lorelai will work out her relationship with Luke for the better, and that Emily will return her strong–willed tendencies.

Sherman–Palladino’s famous last four words she has envisioned for the end of Gilmore Girls will also be revealed in the revival, since she wasn’t able to reveal them at the end of the seventh season. In addition, rumor has it that Lorelai might be pregnant, based on an Instagram posted from the Gilmore Girls account that shows an apple, Lorelai’s famous pregnancy craving, on a table. Fans should also expect to see some racy scenes between Luke and Lorelai, which Scott Patterson, who plays Luke, confirmed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly


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